Kids' Flower Arranging Outdoor Class

Don't know how to entertain kids during school holiday? Want your kids to learn something new while worry about all the indoor restriction? This flower arranging outdoor workshop is the answer for you! Let your children play with real flowers and immerse in the nature setting in Centennial Park, our florists will guide them with easy-to-follow techniques for them to build their own floral art!


What your kid will do?

In this class, your kids will learn the basic floral design techniques: how to use colour wheel, understand texture and floral layering structure. It's a wonderful way to get kids to play with various fresh and seasonal flowers in an outdoor picnic setting.

At the end of this hands-on class, your kids will be so proud to take home their very own flower arrangements!

If your kids are more interested in making an everlasting flowers and crystal dream catcher, choose the 'Crystal & Flower Dream Catcher' option in the check out.

Parents are welcome to view the experience on the site.


What your kid will get?

  • The floral arrangement with fresh seasional flowers
  • A vase or a basket
  • Or a crystal & floral dream catcher 



If the weather is cloudy or rainy on the workshop day, it will be rescheduled to the next sunny day during the school holiday.