How To Use Creative Kids Voucher to Book A Flower Class

Enter your Creative Kids Voucher number, your kid's Date of Birth on booking page (mandatory field), and enter the payment details to book.  We only accept Creative Kids Vouchers for in-person classes.

When To Receive $100 Refund

If the fee is more than $100, the full amount of $100 is refunded back to you once the voucher is redeemed by us. The turnaround is usually within a few hours for us to redeem the voucher on Service NSW Website.

If the fee listed is less than $100, it's already taken the Creative Kid Voucher into account, hence the greatly reduced price. For a successful booking please enter the voucher details in the booking page.

We do this to capture selected your class order detail and your contact details so we can send you reminder one day before your booked class.

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