Why Peony Story

Peony Story is one of the only few European Style flower workshop providers based in Sydney. It's renowned for its naturally wild, romantic and soft style to curate flowers to tell a story.

Our Chief Designer Nikki from Peony Story has lived in Europe for several years and has developed her very own style in London and Paris from some of the world-famous florists. She believes that expressing creativity through beautiful flowers will bring us joy and hope in our daily life. And everyone can play with flowers, create beauty to enjoy the gift from nature. Hence she's dedicated to bring the natural beauty to people through floral arranging workshops and events.

What is creativity:

  • It’s playful, experiential, it’s a reflection of our inner being,
  • It’s joyful, fun
  • It’s a process of  taking some risk, letting go, and tap into the unknown
  • And to your surprise, you’ve always had the artist in you, we just help you to bring it out.
  • It’s better to unleash your creativity than to define it

Her passion and love for the art shines through each of her designs, and she loves letting your inner artist shine through beautiful flowers.