Workshop 1 -  Handtied Bouquet

This class starts with an introduction on how to condition flowers. You'll learn how to bring out the most striking elements of the natural materials you use. Throughout the workshop, we'll demonstrate the classic spiral technique, look at colour matching, and choosing flowers for two distinct arrangements: the natural style bouquet and the dome style bouquet.


At its core, the 2 hours Hand-tied Bouquet course is designed to let students express their individual relationship with flowers through some of floristry’s most recognisable styles. As such, we'll inspire you to reconsider your approach to flowers, and nurture your own creativity.


Workshop 2 -  Flower Centrepiece

This workshop will culminate with the creation of a distinctive table arrangement. You will learn how to select and combine flowers that represent various occasions' atmosphere.

This is the perfect workshop for those with little or no experience looking for an introduction to flowers and it's an ideal workshop for group events.


We'll demonstrate how to blend colour and texture, and explore techniques to create impact.

Workshop 3 -  Floral Crowns

Make your own beautiful handmade flower crown, perfect for any festival themed event, summer hen weekend, birthday party or baby shower.


Be inspired by our freshest flowers, leafy foliage, ribbons and embellishments. We'll help you structure your crown for shape, variety and a comfy fit! Everyone can select flowers to their preferred colour scheme and create crowns to their own taste. Or even matched with the season - use colourful bold flowers to create a statement Summer crown or more subtle foliage for a chic Spring flower crown.