DreamCatcher In-Person Class

In Sydney Centennial Park, on a sunny afternoon we are hosting a dream catcher with flowers and crystal workshop.

Get inspired by beautiful centennial park, sitting next to the gorgerous flowers garden, take time to practice mindfulness and do something creative for OURSELVES! In this process, you'll learn to 'let go' and 'focus on' the moments to create this beautiful art, inspired by your own choice of textures and colours of dried flowers, crystals and ceramic art.  

Join us in learning how to make a dreamcatcher with crystals and everlasting real flowers. Demo and hands-on tips will be provided by our floral designer Nikki. By the end of the workshop, you will be super happy with this decorative piece, which infuses any bedroom or kids room with a sense of happiness and tranquility. 

This workshop is designed for people who don't have much or little floral experience, with the help with simple techniques and and demo by Peony Story and Ines Porcel Art, you will learn and practice making your own dreamcatcher with positive vibe brought by the crystals and flowers, as well as a floral ceramic coffee mug. 

All tools, 1 crystal, dried flowers, ribbon (optional) and a 25cm grapevine dreamcatcher are provided.