Crystal & Flowers DreamCatcher DIY Pack

Do you want to make a dream catcher from scratch but don't know where to source all material? Well, this DIY pack contains all beautiful dried flowers and a crystal of your choice! And you are not bound by any location or time of our workshop, you can enjoy the beauty of crafting at your own pace.

It's a perfect birthday gift or special handmade present for you or your loved ones!

We will hand pick the crystals to be included in the box. The selection of crystals include the following:
-Rose Quartz, the stone of love and emotional healing. It clears the emotional body of past trauma, helping one feel more open to receiving and expressing love.
-Calcite, the stone of high spirit, it's used to activate and expand the higher chakras. It clears and calms your mind, promote insight and deeper understanding. It will also amplify the positive energy all around you.
- Clear Quartz, known as 'Master HEaler', clear quartz emits a frequency of harmony. It brings physical body back into balance. Raises energy to the highest possible level.
- Amethyst, the stone of Spirituality & Contentment. It raises energy vibration, enhances feelings of positivity and love.

All tools, 1 large crystal and 2-3 small crystals, dried flowers and a 25cm grapevine dreamcatcher are provided in a toolkit.

A toolkit will be sent via registered Express Australian Post. 

Free videos are available to show you how to make your own Dream Catcher with our DIY pack.