My Goddess - Dream Catcher

A beautiful crystal dried flower dream catcher for a special goddess. Each crystal flower wreath is handmade with crystals and Native Australian flowers or Japanese dried flowers by us. It's a truely unique gift to bring wonderful energy to your loved one.

It's perfect for bedroom decor to bring positive vibe to you.

Dried flowers will maintain their beauty if kept out of moisture, and direct sunlight.

Cyrstals included in the Dream Catcher is carefull selected and could include one or two of the gems: 

AMETHYST - Stone of Spirituality & Contentment. Enhances feelings of positivity & love.

ROSE QUARTZ - Stone of “Unconditional Love”. Releases heartache & unexpressed emotions.

CLEAR QUARTZ - Master Healer. Raises energy to the highest possible level.

As these are real dried flowers please handle your dreamcatcher with love, and care.