Self-Love Crystal & Floral Bunch

The crystal with flowers makes a perfect gift for nature lovers. Our very own in-house flower team arranges this stunning bunch of flowers by hand to match with the energy of each crystal. 

These curated collections of crystals and flower bunch are a perfect gift for the yogi lover or crystal healing enthusiast in your life.

We embodied nature's beauty and bounty with one-of-a-kind crystals, holistic gemstones, and distinctive home decor. Each piece is specially curated to bring positive energy into your home and elevate your everyday living.

Clear Quartz 

This stone is a master healer, carrying the power to amplify and regulate energy in order aid concentration and memory. A wonderful crystal for balancing the entire body and caring for the immune system. It helps you to learn to live, with love and make peace in the things you say and do.

Rose Quartz

This stone helps with love and emotional healing - the soothing vibrations works to calm anger, tension, trauma and  stress. It can shift a person out of fearful thoughts and into feelings of compassion and comfort.  

Blue Calcite

The stone focuses on spiritual healing and development. It fosters constructive self-expression and a healthy relationship with oneself and others.

Size of the crystal: 

Approx: 50- 250 grams

Each floral and crystal bunch comes in its own gift box and crystal card. The price includes Free standard Australia Post Shipping.

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