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Behind The Scenes

What our experience like

Peony Story, a renowned Sydney Flower Workshops Provider, attended the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show this year. We helped a fellow floral designer from Florii Studio in her Open Competition and also had first hand experience to see how the stunning floral displays set up behind the scene. Make sure you scroll down to see some behind the scenes photos.

This highly anticipated event was held from March 27th to March 31st, 2023, at the Royal Exhibition Building and Carlton Gardens in Melbourne. Attending the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show was an exciting and memorable experience. The atmosphere was vibrant and lively, with visitors from all over the world gathering to celebrate the beauty of flowers and garden displays.

We arrived the venue one day before the public openning to set up Florri Studio's Open Competition's display before the midday. Then we had some time to see how the other floral designers, landscapers, students and artisits work their magic on their displays. The largest installations have till 5pm on the date to complete all of their work before the judges coming in on the night to judge. All of the participants put in tremendous effort to make sure their displays are impeccable. If you want to find out who the winners are, check out the Melbourne Flower Show winners page.

One of the most memorable displays is the 'Climate Change Changes Flowers' by Sustainable Floristry Network, it shows how the flowers landscape has changed in the last 100 years in one breathtaking scene.

Some of our Favourite Visual displays

All of the visual displays and competitions this year have a theme of 'A Moment In Time'; it's up to the designers' interpretation to convey any particular moments in time to the viewers. 

The Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show
The Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show
The Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show
The Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show
The Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show
The Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show
The Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show
The Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show

Window Displays 

Another section that we enjoyed tremendously was the window display area. The artists had only a small, confined area in which to transform viewers into another space, and they all did an amazing job!

The Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show
Behind the Scene

The process of creating a floral display installation typically begins with a concept or design idea. The artist or designer will choose the type of flowers and plants to be used and decide on the overall style, color scheme and the feeling/idea to communicate to viewers. Next, the materials needed to construct the installation, such as wire, foam, and vases, are gathered. The flowers are then arranged and wired onto the frame or structure, often using techniques such as weaving or clustering. 

Careful attention must be paid to lighting, temperature, and humidity levels to ensure that the flowers remain fresh and vibrant for the period of the flower show. The final result is a stunning and ephemeral work of art that delights and inspires viewers.

Generally speaking, during a competition and its judging process, special criteria will be used to evaluate how well artists display their techniques. This includes aspects such as how well they hide the mechanics and how neat the entire display is. Therefore, when constructing their installations, artists need to pay great attention not only to the overall delivery of their vision, but also to how well the details are executed.

Garden Show

The outdoor sections of the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show are a must-see for visitors. They feature stunning landscape gardens, unique sculptures, and a diverse range of retailers.

What do we say about the show ?

Overall attending the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show is a lovely experience! We enjoy the stunning display of indoor and outdoor exhibits featuring a vibrant array of flowers, plants, and landscape designs. The event offers a unique experience to see other floral artists bring their concepts and beauty to life, I was particularly moved by some installations. It also offers plenty of opportunities to shop for gardening supplies and plants, and simply bask in the beauty of nature. It's the perfect way to get inspired for your next gardening or landscaping project while having an great time.

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