Vortex of Natural Beauty

Design Concept

This installation is a tribute to nature's endless movement and connections, a spiraling bamboo installation inspired by the grace of water and the whispers of wind. It stands as a dynamic emblem of life's cycles.

The bamboo acts as a brush painting the air, inviting viewers to witness the fluid dance of the natural world — a dance that speaks of life's resilience and its unending cycles.

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Vortex of Natural Beauty

This installation is an artistic exploration of nature's perpetual motion and intricate connections. Crafted from bamboo and branches, this spiraling installation is adorned with a diverse array of blooms, capturing the continuous flow and transformative beauty of the environment.

It's a physical representation of nature's embrace, inviting visitors into an immersive experience that deepens their connection with the natural world. Beyond a mere floral arrangement, this vortex stands as a vibrant symbol of life's interconnectedness, prompting reflection on our place within nature's tapestry.

Natural beauty in the form of vortex

Natural whirlpools

found in oceans, rivers, or lakes, creates a captivating and powerful spiral, drawing in anything nearby.


The swirling patterns of galaxies in the universe are stunning examples of cosmic vortices

Floral Seeds Patterns

The arrangement of seeds in a sunflower or the spiraling growth of some succulents and pinecones.


The formation, a result of complex atmospheric conditions showcases the raw power and beauty of nature's energy.

Creating botanical dyed silk 

The enchanting process of creating naturally dyed silk fabrics, is a key element of our "Vortex of Natural Beauty" installation and an example of our commitment to sustainable artistry.

Our journey begins in my garden in Sydney, where we gather a variety of flowers and petals, each chosen for their unique color and texture.

The heart of our dyeing process involves avocado seeds, which yield stunning shades of pink when used to dye silk. We don't stop there; using the collected flowers and foliage, we imprint organic patterns onto the silk, letting nature's designs take center stage.

Finally, we lay the dyed fabrics under the sun to dry, allowing the colors to bond with the silk in the gentle embrace of natural warmth.

This method not only imbues the fabric with rich, vibrant hues but also reflects our commitment to sustainable artistry, echoing the essence of natural beauty in every thread.

Collect Flowers 

Flowers and petals from my garden

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Concious Design Choices

In crafting the "Vortex of Natural Beauty," we deliberately chose materials that reflect both our respect for the environment and our aesthetic values.

Bamboo was selected for its remarkable growth rate and exceptional strength-to-weight ratio, allowing us to benefit from its natural robustness and minimalist elegance. This choice not only leverages the innate qualities of bamboo but also serves to underscore the sustainable ethos driving our design.

Material Choices


One of the planet's fastest-growing plants. With an exceptional strength-to-weight ratio, it surpasses the strength of many wood species, delivering durability and resilience.

 Botanical Dyed Silk 

Showcase the subtle, natural colors and patterns provided by the earth, ensuring the piece reflects a deep commitment to environmental sustainability and organic beauty.


I choose them for their enduring beauty and longevity, ensuring the installation remains vibrant and captivating over an extended period.

Foliage from garden plants

I choose them for their sustainability and longevity, as they can regrow and maintain their vibrancy over time, enhancing the design's connection to the enduring cycle of nature.

Why do we choose these materials ?

Further deepening our commitment to eco-friendly practices, we opted for handmade silk dyed with natural elements sourced directly from the garden. Avocado seeds impart subtle blush hues, while rose petals, hibiscus flowers, and eucalyptus leaves introduce a spectrum of organic colors. This process of botanical dyeing not only minimizes harmful chemical usage but also celebrates the unique, unpredictable beauty of nature's palette.

By integrating these conscious design choices, we aim to minimize our ecological impact and promote sustainable practices within the art community. The resulting installation is not just a visual feast but a testament to the harmony between human creativity and nature's bounty. It's a vivid embodiment of the 'Natural Beauty' theme in the Melbourne Flower Show 2024, showcasing how thoughtful material selection can lead to art that is both stunning and environmentally considerate.

Natural Beauty - Melbourne Flower Show 2024