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Flower Arrangement classes - Sydney

Calling all flower lovers! If you’ve ever wanted to sign up for a floristry class, these fun flower arrangement classes in Sydney should be on your to-do list! These hands-on classes are all about experimentation and play. Spend a few carefree hours learning from some of our local florists in the city. You’ll get the inside tips on floral design techniques and learn how to make a bouquet with fresh, seasonal flowers or with trendy everlasting dried flowers. Discover the hidden florist in you and make beautiful arrangements for your home or events.

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Have you ever found yourself completely invested in the simple task of arranging flowers in a vase our bouquet? Maybe you started mindlessly, swapping out these two flowers and adjusting this bundle of eucalyptus leaves and holding the flower bouquet at arm’s length to make sure it looked just right. If so, you would be completely at home in a flower arrangement class. These Sydney flower workshops are designed to draw out the hidden professional florists in us all so that we can start making gorgeous flower bouquets at home. You’ll learn from the top florists in Sydney who can’t wait to share with you all of their secrets.

Making the perfect flower bouquet is a skill that takes years of experience and training. Professional florists have built their careers on developing in an eye for colour, balance, composition and the perfect blend of textures. With creativity and mindfulness, a flower arrangement expert can create a bouquet to convey any message they choose. A flower bouquet given on a first date will be vastly different than a wedding bouquet or a company gala event. Other styles of flower arrangements, like the Japanese art of Ikebana, can convey tranquillity and even spirituality. Luckily, you don’t have to undergo years of training or enter a career in floristry to learn the basics of flower arrangements.

Peony Story has made it easy to find the best flower arrangement that you have interests in so that you can start building the skills you need to make gorgeous floral arrangements for any occasion. To learn the basics, you’ll want to sign up for a beginners flower centrepiece arrangement workshop to learn all about the fundamental composition techniques. You might also sign up for a fun wedding bouquet class to practice making a whimsical bouquet. Keep an eye out for other fun floristry classes to teach you about vase flower arrangement or how to make a dried bouquet. If you’re looking for a must do in Sydney for hens party ideas and birthday gatherings, sign up your group of friends for one of these relaxing flower arranging classes. Instead of giving your significant other a generic flower bouquet, why not sign up for floristry workshop and learn how to make a bouquet that they’ll actually love? Plus, these florist classes are some of the most romantic things to do in Sydney.

For the flower lovers in your life, flower arranging courses are some of the best experience gifts in Sydney. No matter your level of experience with flower arranging, a flower arrangement workshop will be relaxing and engaging. Your experienced flower arrangement instructor will give you a list of things to keep in mind while you’re putting together your flower bouquet, but you’ll have the space to let your creativity guide you. Once you’ve created floral arrangements you can be proud of, you’ll be able to take your masterpieces home to share with friends and loved ones. And we can guess that this won’t be the last time that you decide to make your own flower bouquets!