Top 5 Team Building Activities We Love

Looking for team building activities in Sydney? We all know that teamwork makes the dream work, but keeping your colleagues connected is easier said than done. When it comes to boosting team’s wellbeing and fostering a supportive team culture in 2022, it certainly takes more than Friday night drinks! This year, why not treat your colleagues to one of TOP 5 unique team building ideas? 

TOP 5 team building ideas in Sydney

  • Christmas Wreath Making Give your employees a chance to get creative with an art workshop. Peony Story offers Christmas Wreath making classes that will give your team a chance to show off their creative side. When you give creative endeavours a chance to feel like a party you might be surprised at how enthusiastic your team can get.You can also add gin & whisky tasting in Archie Rose’s own distillery venue, it will definitely help the ‘inner artists’ coming out and everyone can mingle over drinks & food at the same time. This is a wonderful experience for smaller teams that enjoy feeling creative.
  • Hijinx Hotel Games Let your teams unleash their inner child with 15 wacky challenge rooms including childhood games like Twister and the Floor is Lava. In a nostalgic callback to the 90s, Hijinxprovides vibrant experiences for team members to have fun.
  • Pocket City Farms A day at Pocket City Farms is a great way for your team to get their hands dirty, bond and learn some new skills as well as creating an impact. Your volunteering on the urban farm and community food forest will help homeless people in our local community. You can also join the workshop to learn how permaculture and zero waste principles at home and work can save money and the planet.
  • Cocktail Making  Give your team the chance to get behind the bar & mix up a storm. Bring your team year end celebration to life with Archie Rose's interactive gin blending, cocktail tasting masterclass. It's perfect for teams that loves party.
  • Cooking Like a Parisian Need a team building ice breaker? Getting them cooking together will give it a great headstart. Collaborate and connect with one another in Vive Cooking School, through a fun and entertaining cooking experience will brings the whole team together.. 

Use Creativity to Promote Wellbeing

Engaging in creative activites can spark teams to go into a state of “flow” which is the mental state of being completely present in the moment and immersed in an experience. Being “in flow” can improve many other aspects of life including one’s wellbeing. 

Art, creativity, and wellness. Studies on the connection between art, healing, and health show that artistic self-expression reduces stress and anxiety and increases in positive emotions. Other studies show an improved focus on positive life experiences, self-worth, and social identity. Arts activities also play a role in developing resilience and mental wellbeing.

"Creativity in and of itself is important for remaining healthy, remaining connected to yourself and connected to the world"

Use art and creativity to cultivate employee engagement. Creative expression comes in many forms, including doodling, drawing, flower arranging, dancing, painting, collage, gardening, and cooking. 

Here's some experience to enhance creativity, connection, and well-being 

As WFH becomes the new normal, promoting workplace wellbeing has never been more important, which is why our online team building activities focus on mindfulness, connection and ease. Simply watch our how-to video, open up the DIY craft kit we delivered to your door and make something amazing!  With many virtual experiences & DIY flower projects to choose from, your team could learn to make their own DIY Christmas Wreath, unwind with Ikebana Japanese flower arranging or learn to make a floral dreamcatcher.

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