Hens Party Ideas

Peony Story is home to some of the most creative and best hens party ideas, and we’ve organised plenty of successful bachelorette parties over the years. We can mix and match craft ideas tailored to your tastes, budget and group size to create a personalised experience to meet everything on your wish list. Our experienced teachers will help you create the perfect experience to let the bride celebrate in style with family and friends. 

DreamCatcher Group Booking
DreamCatcher Group Booking from $128.00 $145.00
Dreamcatcher Picnic Package
Dreamcatcher Picnic Package from $189.00 $199.00
Everlasting Flower Crown Party
Everlasting Flower Crown Party $148.00 $148.00
Flower Arranging Party
Flower Arranging Party $137.00 $137.00
Dried Flower Vase Arrangement
Dried Flower Vase Arrangement $189.00 $189.00