Kids Birthday Flower Party Sydney

Kids Party Ideas Sydney

If you’re seeking out kids birthday party ideas in Sydney, look no further than our curated selection of kid's activities. Whether you're thinking up kids party themes or you need some help brainstorming birthday party ideas at home, you'll be please to learn that there are plenty of amazing things to do in Sdyney with kids. In a safe and COVID FRIENDLY space, your little ones will learn to make a flower crown, play with crystals or even create a DIY crystal dream catcher alongside their friends and family. Hosted by experienced instructors, our kid-friendly Sydney workshops are the perfect place for your upcoming party, so check out our birthday ideas for kids and get the party started! 
You can choose to host the kids party in-person in an outdoor environment or via zoom class. One of our most popular classes is the flower arranging outdoor picnic birthday class. Kids can enjoy the picturesque outdoor setting, play with ducks while have fun in their birthday party. 
Art-Inspired Flower Arranging Experience
Art-Inspired Flower Arranging Experience $195.00 $195.00