Flower Message Board - Online & DIY pack

Learn how to create a gorgeous flower message board with Peony Story's craft kit and an on-demand demonstration video. Express gratitude on your personalised flower message board for friends or write affirmations for yourself!

Inside the pack, you'll receive a link to the video tutorial. You can do the class at your own time and join the zoom class with questions. Or you can join the interactive fun online class and follow the step by step guidance with our florist.

With the video tutorial and the well-thought-out designs and materials available, you are guaranteed to make a beautiful floral message board with its own creative flair.

What you'll get in your craft kit. 

  • Assorted preserved and dried flowers and foliage
  • Wooden frame with two glass panel
  • A pen to write your own message on the glass panel
  • A package box with a link to the tutorial video
  • A toolkit will be sent via registered Australian Post.