Kyoto Bouquet

Imagine you are walking in the ancient temples when it's snowing in Kyoto. The perfect combination of white and red reminds us the eternal beauty of historic city. The luxurious Kyoto bouquet is lively and fun with gorgeous vibrant red tones and intriguing textures. It is handmade using a collection of large petal hydrangeas which give it its characteristic snowy white base and is contrasted by red pops of colour from hot red lavenders and globals. These long lasting curations are the new norm and make beautiful additions to any home whilst you can enjoy them for a very long time. The star florals of this bouquet are the delicate bright red roses and white handmade peonies that adds a lovely softness. White scabiosas, natural colour wheat and rice flowers provide a Japanese cultural vibe.

Please note that because these are natural products, some varieties may not be available. If any of the ones shown on the photo aren’t available, these will be replaced at our discretion with a different kind, some colours/shades may vary.

Care Instructions: Dried flowers can be everlasting if cared for. Please keep dry, in a cool space. Avoid direct sunlight, heat and humidity. Try not to move around too much as they are delicate and can break easily. 

Measures approx. 45 x 58cm

深红色的永生玫瑰,绣球花+雪白的文竹+蓝盆花+紫红熏衣草+ 小麦,将京都的和风雪景送到你的手里。你还可以在花束中的索拉花(扩香花)上加入香薰,让居家环境更加舒适宜人。 不凋的花材可以保存两年以上,别具纪念意义。每一花束由花艺师精心搭配手工制作,由于纯手工的素材有限,制作的花束无法完全一模一样,有些许的花瓣凋落属正常情况。