Flower Care

Are you the lucky recipient of one of our European designed bouquets or mason jar arrangements? Here is how you care for that super fresh, made-with-love beauty to ensure as many days of gorgeousness as possible!

Step 1, 'Undress' the bouquet!

If you receive our wrapped bouquet, take off ALL of our beautiful wrappings, pick a neutral colour vase or a glass vase, and wash it with soap and water. We know it's a pain but fresh flowers like clean and happy environment like we all do!

Step 2, Snip!

This applies to our mason jar recipients too! You want to cut 1cm off the stems at 45 degree angle to allow flowers drink more water and stay healthy.

Step 3, Change water!

Fill the vase with cool, clean water and put a bit of our super-duper flower food inside. It prevents bacteria from growing which causes flowers to die prematurely. Here's the trick, make sure there are no leaves beneath the water as leaves also encourage bacteria! If you can, snip the stems off a little bit everyday and change water DAILY. 

PS, the flower food is for flowers only, please keep it away from KIDS, animals or hungry people!

Step 4, Love them!

Now sit back and enjoy the pretty blooms. Take plenty photos of them (#peonystoryflower and @peonystoryflorist),sing to them or even dance around them ( Why not !) Oh, keep them out of direct sunlight, heat or strong wind too! 

'Take care of flowers and flowers will take care of you', once said by a great floral artist.