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Unlock the artistry of floral design and cultivate a workspace that reflects your company's vision with Peony Story's exclusive flower arranging classes. Our professional and engaging workshops are designed specifically for corporate teams like yours, offering a transformative experience that fosters creativity and teamwork.

Peony Story is dedicated to crafting custom workshops that cater specifically to your unique requirements and goals.  

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Workshop Goals

Fostering creativity and innovation - Through the hands-on experience of arranging vibrant floral creations, participants are encouraged to tap into their creative instincts and think imaginatively. By immersing themselves in this engaging hands-on activity, corporate teams gain a tangible experience that boosts creative confidence and sparks inspiration to bring fresh ideas, imaginative problem-solving, and innovative thinking into their daily work.

Enhancing team collaboration  - Fostering stronger bonds among team members to facilitate effective teamwork.

Promoting a positive and inclusive work culture -  Our workshops incorporate Japanese flower arranging and cultural celebrations, which promote diversity and inclusion by encouraging team members to embrace different cultural backgrounds and learn from one another. 

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“Play is what makes creativity possible”

In this new working environment, leaders must think creatively in order to foster a culture of innovation in their teams. And this may come down to the implementation of one simple action: play. So, what’s the link between building brilliant teams and the seemingly childish concept of play? In the same way that it provides an escape for children, adult play is all about engagement, pleasure and mindfulness. It has little to do with outcomes and everything to do with experiencing the present moment in all its fullness. What many teams really need in order to thrive and connect is the ability (and the permission) to simply “be”—to be normal people, to be social, to be playful, and to be creative for creativity’s sake.

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