Picnic Hens Party At Sydney Clark Park

Peony Story

            Picnic Hens Party At Sydney Clark Park

Peony Story hosted a summer 'Peach & Mint' colour themed party for Jen's hens overlooking the Sydney Harbour Bridge! The peach, pink and mint colours are super trendy right now and we're dying over all of the little details that made this bridal shower extra amazing.

Bridal shower picnic lavender bay

Check out the fresh flowers decor, matched candles, platters and sum umbrellas... the backdrop with the Sydney Harbour Bridge makes everything more incredible!

Sydney hens picnic party Picnic styling Sydney Harbour Bridge

Jen's sisters and friends also prepared some games and gifts personalised with their names in calligraphy! This looks so special and we love to share with you to get inspiration from!

Sydney picnic decorPicnic hens personalised gift

The ladies also enjoy the dream catcher making session, which took about an hour. They are busy taking photos of the dreamcatcher and the beautiful backdrop!

Hens party activity

 Picnic party with craft Sydney

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