Sydney Kids' Birthday Idea - Flower Workshop is the NEW trend

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            Sydney Kids' Birthday Idea - Flower Workshop is the NEW trend

Sydney has a wide range of kids fun activities and workshops that are perfect for keeping them occupied and creative! For kids’ birthday party or school holiday, there’s a new trend of getting them to play with real flowers. With Peony Story’s wide range of in-person flower workshops and craft kits, you can find arts and crafts for kids above 6 years old. Our rising popular DreamCatcher with flowers LiveBox feature ensures that you can be spoiled for choice when it comes to indoor family activities and fun things to do at home with kids! Whether it’s to make a flower fascinator or flower basket, we has kids fun activities and workshops covered!

Sydney Kids Birthday idea

Are kids too young to arrange flowers?

Surprisingly it’s not! In Japan’s culture, parents get kids to start arranging flowers since the age of 3! It helps them observe various colours, enhance their awareness on different textures, appreciate nature’s beauty and most important keep them creative with their hands.

 Sydney kids flower class 

Can parents accompany the kids on flower class?

Absolutely! In fact we encourage parents to sit in our flower class to have fun with kids and flowers. You’ll find that your kids are full of ideas and they are assertive on their designs. It’s most likely that they are ‘THE BOSS' when it comes to CREATIVITY & DESIGN! You’ll be surprised that they create beautiful flower arrangements even more natural, gorgeous than adult!

 sdyeny parent kids workshop

Sdyney kids workshop


Because they don’t over analysis everything like ADULTS do. And they are not afraid to break so-called design rules, kids just create along their own taste and what pleases their eyes.

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What kind of flower class do kids like?

We find young kids are fascinated by flower fascinators, where we provide real everlasting dried flowers, they will wear proudly afterwards. Elder kids who appreciate natural fresh seasonal flowers would enjoy the flower baskets workshop or fresh flower crown class.  

sydney kids parent fun workshop

Next time when you are thinking some activities for kids’ birthday party, try our signature kids flower workshop! All of teachers are super friendly and have working with children permits and workshop experienced with kids.

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