Dreamcatcher Craft & Picnic In Kirribilli

Peony Story

            Kirribilli Picnic Dream Catcher Craft

There’s no better way to spend the weekend than exploring your creativity with friends. We at Peony Story love running outdoor picnic workshops, and we particularly loved this one. 🌞🥳

Overlooking the Sydney Harbour Bridge, these friends spend a few hours making Dreamcatcher arrangements while soaking up some sunlight at this iconic picnic spot. There’s nothing better than ending a long week by learning a new craft, having a picnic and enjoying some cheeky sips of wine!  🥂

In this particular workshop, the picnic setting theme is boho style, we have neutral bohemian style decorations, candles and even a small tent. To match the whole theme, we then prepared the individual Dream Catcher pack with neutral colours material: tiki grass, bunny tail, hard ruscus, baby's breath, hydrangeas, ming fern, paper daisies and much more. In the end we pair the dream catcher with a wired clear quartz. It is called the 'master of stone', and is considered to be one of the best healing crystals and may be used for treating many conditions! It helps stimulate your immune system, boost the energy flow and bring your whole body into balance. 

At the end of the workshop, everyone took home a beautiful boho style crystal Dream Catcher.🌸

We collaborated with All Things Picnic to make this magical experience happen! 

Craft Sdyney Picnic style DreamCatcher Making 1  Craft Sdyney Picnic style DreamCatcher Making 2

Craft Sdyney Picnic style DreamCatcher Making 3 Craft Sdyney Picnic style DreamCatcher Making 4
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Workshop photos taken by Nathan Manfredi 

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