A Simple Guide to our Dreamcatchers

Peony Story

            A Simple Guide to our Dreamcatchers

When I think of dreamcatchers, I am instantly thrown back to my early teens, when the dreamcatcher trend had me frantically searching every shop for the most beautiful dreamcatcher which would also spiritually transform me overnight (ambitious, I know). 😉

Dreamcatchers have traditionally been used by Native American tribes as protection against bad dreams and other dangers. Legend says that a ‘Spider Woman’ created the dreamcatcher to protect tribes, with the web trapping bad dreams and the sacred feathers and beads allowing good dreams to fall on to the bed. 🕸️🌜🌙🎑

Rose quartz dream catcher

It is said that Dreamcatchers are most effective when self-made, so Peony Story has adapted this timeless tradition to run our Dreamcatcher workshop. We use locally-sourced preserved flowers and hand picked semi-precious gemstones to create beautiful, ever-lasting Dreamcatchers.

Ocean theme Dream catcher detail 3 

It is so amazing to see how our past clients incorporated some elements that are meaningful to them in their dreamcatchers: some are sea shells and starfish as she loves the ocean theme at her house. Some added lace ribbons and rose quartz to promote self-love and friendship. 

Ocean theme Dream catcher detail 1  Ocean theme Dream catcher detail 2 
Some kids love to add 'rainbow' colour florals to the dreamcatcher, as they want to capture the most vivid dreams. 🦄
Rose quartz dream catcher

I can’t wait to make a Dreamcatcher for every room in my house to bless my hourly naps.  

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