10th Birthday Party - Sydney

Sidhika Srinivasan

            10th Birthday Party - Sydney

On my way to a 10 year-old girl’s birthday party to assist in making dream catchers, I was feeling very excited and a little nervous, listening to Justin Bieber’s ‘Peaches’ on repeat in the car and dancing in my seat, safely, of course. 

The birthday girl and her friends, along with her little brother, spent an hour making a floral Dreamcatcher. It was amazing to see how helpful and sharing the girls were with each other, even helping her 5 year old brother finish his dreamcatcher when he left halfway to eat some sausage rolls, a priority which I definitely understand.

It was so great seeing the girls go from doubting their flower placement to embracing their creativity and gaining confidence in their designs. Following this, the girls spent some time jumping on the trampoline and incessantly changing the speaker music, ending the day by cutting the reigning champion of cakes, an ice cream party cake.

early teens birthday party sydney

Not only this but Nikki and I spent an hour having thoughtful conversations with the dad, who spoke to us about the importance of making the world a better place by helping others and the planet. Inspired, I spent the rest of the day signing up to volunteer, donating to charities, browsing hybrid cars and designing my 100% eco-friendly future home. 

I made my way home happy with how the day went and eager to visit the next party, and the day was perfected with 20 replays of ‘Peaches’ blasting in my car, though if anyone asks me if I like the song I will fiercely deny it.Birthday Idea Sydney 10yo

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