The best way to celebrate Mother’s Day - Sydney

Sidhika Srinivasan

            The best way to celebrate Mother’s Day - Sydney

Mother’s Day is fast approaching... yes, it’s May already! I have to be honest, I’m no amateur to leaving my gift buying till the last minute, often having to settle for serving breakfast in bed or the childhood classic - a “World’s Best Mum” mug. 

peonies sydney


Why accompany a book and perfume with a short-lived bouquet of flowers when you could spend the day with your mum making peonies bouquetsor make a dream catcher together to create beautiful memories!

peony centrepiece class sydney


peony centrepiece class sydney 2

To celebrate the very special Mother's Day, we will use peonies, aka 'Queen of Flowers', as our focal flowers in the bouquet, accompanied with fresh lime green foliage, interesting textures and other seasonal flowers. Then we will teach you how to create water pack for fresh flowers in the bouquet, so you can show off your bouquet all day long without worrying hydration issue for them. 

peonies sydney bouquet

We’ll discuss the care and handling of the peony while designing a lush, garden-style flower arrangement. You have the choice of making a vase arrangement or a wrapped peonies bouquet.

Peony Story has our own special Mother’s Day workshops, so I suggest you get in quick and book it before I do!


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