The Ultimate Kid's Birthday Party Checklist

Sidhika Srinivasan

            The Ultimate Kid's Birthday Party Checklist

Every parent wants to throw their child a memorable birthday party. Regardless of whether it’s the start of double digits (10th), a kickoff into teens (13th) or a sweet 16th, a bit of planning ahead is always required for the party to run smoothly. So here’s Peony Story’s handy party planning tips, which we’ve learnt by sharing so many special occasions with so many special people!

1. Budget:

Do you want to spend $200 or $2000? If you haven’t had a party in a while, then my motto is to go all out! But if you’re a regular celebrator, maybe consider going for a small one this year… unless it’s a sweet 16th… then make it big.

kids party Sydney kids party sydney harbour

2. Location and Time:

Think about your child’s happy place! I personally love a beachside picnic just as much as cafe brunch. Do you want to soak up some sun and enjoy harbour views with a picnic platter, or book a catered venue? Some restaurants venue offer lunch or dinner group booking and they accomodate crafty activities such as flower crown making, Crystal Dream Catcher 'assembling' too. 

3. Guests:

Once the location is chosen, think about who your child wants to celebrate this special day with. Whether it be a few close friends or all of their classmates, make a guestlist and invite people who bring out the best!

kids party

4. Activities:

Make a plan on what you want to do. You can follow up a brunch with a painting class or, my personal favourite - laser tag - which always gets people excited. Or you can build some flower crowns (courtesy of us at Peony Story) by the harbour alongside a catered picnic and some board games. It’s always a good idea to think of ideas that will keep everyone having fun and sharing some laughs for a few hours. Whatever you do, make sure to book early and explore your options!


kids theme party outdoor

5. Food:

Collect any guest dietary requirements and make a list of some food and drink you want to have. Don’t forget to decide on a showstopping cake or some cute mini cupcakes to enjoy! We’ve truly found that the most enjoyed cake is a Freddo ice cream party cake which you can conveniently pick up from any supermarket 😉

birthday themes cake Picnic platter

6. Everything else:

Make a list of things to take on the day, such as a box to put gifts in, speaker, gift bags, picnic rugs, candles, balloons, games and snacks. Don’t be scared to ask others to bring things to help you out (especially if you're forgetful like me!).

kids party bags kids party theme

People always find ways to have fun with what they have… a couple of weekends ago, these girls made a flower tower with leftovers from their flower crown workshop and some giant jenga blocks their parents bought along.

kids party sydney jenga tower

Bring out your inner professional event planner by making a spreadsheet or timeline of what you want to get done. And my personal favourite, think of ways you’ll document these memories! I love to stock up on film for my film camera (gotta love that grainy vintage look), but you can hire a professional photographer or just charge your phone so you can take videos and combine them into one!  

kids party sydney

Either way, don’t get too stressed about it. The most important thing is that your child is happy and having a good time! So make sure they put on their cutest outfit, a big smile, and have the best day ever… because they absolutely deserve it!

 Kids party fashion cape

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