Paint, Sip and...Posies!

Sidhika Srinivasan

            Paint, Sip and...Posies!

Ever wanted to explore all your creativity but didn’t have time? If you’re like me, and you always promise yourself that you’ll go painting or gokarting but keep putting it off, we have the perfect workshop for you!

Peony Story is collaborating with an art gallery- The Space Gallery- to run a Paint, Sip and Posies workshop, where you will get to make an everlasting posy arrangement with gift wrapping, practice water colouring and some bubbles. Within a few hours, not only will you have a vaseful of beautiful flowers and watercolour artworks, but you’ll also have learnt some lifelong skills in flower arrangement, colour schemes, material use, after care, handling and bouquet wrapping. Sounds like a pretty good deal to me (plus complimentary wine...count me in!)

Bouquet everlastingPreserved flowers posie sydney

Everlasting flowers GiftEverlasting flowers bunch

And if you’re a wannabe floral aficionado like me, you might even want to bring a small notepad to start your very own flower dictionary. You will after all be working with 8-12 different varieties of flowers!

Dried flowers class Everlasting flowers australia

The watercolour class using watercolours in an easy way to achieve maximum effect with minimum effort. Subtle, yet full of shades and tones that highlight and make the flowers look as if they are waving in the breeze.

The Space Gallery Sydney

The Space Gallery Sydney 2

(Images from The Space Gallery)

So what do you say? Go that one step further and gift a handmade, everlasting flower posy instead of a short lived, store bought bouquet. Or even better - gift the skill of arranging flowers from scratch… Did we mention that the wine is provided?

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